The Service

The R2R team is comprised of three experts from finance, operations and marketing backgrounds who know what it takes to succeed as a newly-funded startup. We come into the picture when there is a short list of potential investments in any given quarter, and a lot of money to be gained or lost depending on which company is chosen. Our vetting process includes 3-months of intense:

  • The product (PMF testing)
  • Team operational structure
  • Pricing strategy
  • PR strategy
  • Growth strategy
  • Marketing stack
  • Target persona’s
  • Funnel testing

During this deep-dive, we do what is necessary to ensure our client (the VC firm) can be confident in their decision knowing the product has been tee’d up for success…. Or, they bow-out after our review shows the product is not viable.

The Circumstances

Our team typically comes into the picture at one of the following:

  • After beta is complete and a go-to-market strategy is needed – we will help build the engine to attract VCs and talent.
  • After the seed round before any significant spend – to keep your seed VC interested, you will need to spend wisely and hit goals.
  • During diligence – when the firm is more interested in using a team to test/prove rather than an agency to review/analyze.
  • In place of headhunter and recruiter fees – we find the right people for the job from within our networks.
  • In place of costly marketing and branding agency fees – we will discover what it will take, which may be product/process-driven.
  • Before you sign your choose your SaaS and sign term IO’s – we will use our purchase history and relationships with those companies to negotiate a shorter term and lower price.

The Outcomes

The outcomes of this service for our clients (the VC’s) are one of the following:

  1. The investment goes through – We create a viable pricing model, the team is trained, marketing automation is set up and we gain enough traction to prove viability.
  2. The investors pull out – Our work proves the product and/or team is not ready for investment, or, is not viable. The founding team knows what they need to fix, and our work is done.

Our service either makes or saves our clients millions of dollars.

The Process

Month 1

Introductions, Documents, and Scheduling

  • Meet with the firm/client to understand the position they are considering in the new company and timeline they have.
  • NDA’s are signed, all financials and due diligence are passed.
  • Introductions to the founding team are made.
  • Schedules for in-office days and calls are set.


  • Determining team strengths/weaknesses.
  • Reviewing working systems and processes.
  • Review product, market projections, timelines, goals etc…
  • Learn individual team member strengths as well as culture.  

Price Analysis

  • Where are they spending and how fast.
  • Tools purchased, long-term contracts signed.
  • Price modeling, CAC and LTV analysis.
  • Marketing budget forecasting/projections.
  • Final determination of year one expenses.


  • PMF review (current status).  
  • Competitor review.
  • Initial user feedback.
  • Design and dev team member capabilities.

Month 2

Funnel Edits

  • Working with contractors and in-house team, we redo the funnel
  • Create variant tests
  • Add tracking pixels for ad platforms and analytics
  • Integrate messaging software and add triggering URLs or app screens

Audiences and Personas

  • A full customer persona analysis (or re-analysis) will happen now
  • Working with the cookied browsers and emails, we will build audiences
  • With these new criteria, we will find ways to target these audiences on ad platforms

Testing Traffic Strategies

  • Starting with paid – each relevant ad platform will be tested
  • Then, we will funnel traffic at content
  • And finally, we will develop some earned media and influencer relationships

Traffic Analysis

  • After funnel edits and traffic tests, we will review the data
  • CPA per channel will be calculated and factored into LTV
  • Full keyword analysis will show us potential for organic traffic

Month 3


  • After 60 days of work together, we will re-eval each member of the team
  • Detailed reviews of all non-founders will be put together
  • Planning for immediate full-time and contractual hires

Re-Budget Allocation

  • New CPA’s per channel and product needs will be calculated
  • This data will allow us to adjust the budget


  • By now, we have a good data set and understand the team
  • We will work with the founders on a refined strategy

Meetings and Action Items

  • Before we’re done, all team members will be aware of findings
  • Each will have our recommended next steps

The Results

After the three months is complete, we have a strategy in place, the pricing and budget necessary to remain solvent, the tools, and systems for the team to execute, and all of the data we need to provide our client (the investors) with the following:

  1. Our Feasibility Study
  2. 3-Year Revenue Forcast
  3. A Comprehensive Growth Strategy
  4. Hiring Recommendations

Join The Team!

We only work with the best in their respective industry. And we all work together.

  • It is a pleasure to work with Alex. He has always gone above and beyond what was expected. He is great with SaaS growth strategies and allows me to accomplish a lot using my limited bandwidth.
    David Greenbaum
    CEO of