Here are Alex Glenn’s references:

Here is a list of people I have personally asked to be on this page and available if anyone considering engaging with me professionally needs a credible reference for my work. If you are interested in a call from any of them, just let me know who and I will put you in touch.

These are are individuals I have worked with in the last few years:

Me as a project manager:
Justin Mahlik
Co-Founder & COO at DRIVIN

Me as an employee:
Andy O’Dower
CEO of Carlease

Me as a consultant:
David Greenbaum
CEO OnPlan

Me as an influencer:
Karan Sharma
Co-Founder of Hubsell

My knowledge of CRO/UI/UX:
Brian Barclay
Director of Product Design at Trunk Club

Me as a resource:
Bruce Ackerman
Founder of Printavo

My ability to work between sales and marketing departments:
Brian McGarry
Director of Sales at