3- Month Campaign Management & Consulting Proposal

Partnership & Focus

We will work together from to continually optimize your ad spend at all levels – audience, copy, creative, app store profile, onboarding, and sharing. The services and weekly deliverables are below.

Continual Services

  1. Audience Research and Selection: I will perform audience research and micro-testing to ensure the campaigns are hitting only our best and most active audiences.
  2. ASO: I will work with your product team to optimize your app store listing at all levels – 
  3. Campaign Tracking: We will work with your staff to implement tracking codes to aid in tracking conversions
  4. Account Settings: I will establish and monitor the numerous Account Settings (daily max spend, match type, locations, etc.).
  5. Bid Management: I provide bid management tasks including bid gap monitoring, bid price changes, and bid position maintenance.
  6. Monthly Analysis: I perform a month-end analysis of campaign performance, including individual audience/campaign costs, conversions, and performance trends.

Weekly Deliverables

  1. Daily Campaign Monitoring & Optimization: I will check in on campaigns 3X daily to ensure spend and CPI is under control. During these checks, I will refresh creatives, adjust bids, and alter daily spends to make sure we’re hitting our targets.
  2. Weekly Strategy Calls: We will schedule weekly calls to discuss strategy, review data and set action items for all team members.
  3. Email & Slack Q/A: I will reply to any/all questions over Slack and email during business hours (9a – 7p)
  4. Launching Campaigns: When we are ready to launch any new campaigns, I will set them up correctly.
  5. Copywriting: I will write custom and unique titles and descriptions for new ads to help maximize click-through and conversion rates.
  6. Creatives: I will design 3 image ads and one video ad for each new campaign each month.

Payment Terms

Right 2 Revenue presents monthly invoices to Customer and Customer shall pay such invoices within thirty (5) calendar days of submission of such invoices. 

Payment Scheduling

Two payments – one for 1.5 months of service ($975), and one for 1 month of service ($650) paid before each term commences. (Check, Electronic Debit, MC/Visa/Amex/Discover accepted). 

Additional Charges

All rates provided in this agreement are for the work actually contemplated by this agreement. In the event that additional work is required or requested beyond what is reasonably contemplated by this agreement, Customer agrees to pay any additional charges for such unanticipated or requested work at $60/hour.

Thank you for your time and consideration



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  • “Alex grasps your market and your value proposition all while keeping a pulse on the daily changes of options for your software stack. The best part about Alex is the experience, he’s tried different approaches and software and will save you the time of going down the hard road. Bottom-line: the best Chicago Growth-Hackers I’ve met yet.”Darren McAbery,
    Head of Marketing at Inspire Marketing Services
  • “Alex knows the tactics that it takes to execute to get growth. He’s got a good sense for the latest trends in growth and user acquisition as well as paid acquisition across different channels. He understands the marketing landscape and all the changes that companies need to make to grow their audiences.” Andy O’Dower, Head of Product for Curiosity.com
  • “Alex is very knowledgeable about marketplace growth strategies. He has a solid understanding analytics attribution and event tracking for saas. Just recently I consulted Alex on some event-based messaging for apps to further our strategy. I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone that is looking to improved their business, whether saas or app, to help solidify their growth strategy.”Marek Dzik,
    Mobile Product Manager for Brad's Deals
  • “Alex came into a brand new industry, learned the nuances, and then customized a strategy based on the needs of our customers. In addition to his marketing skills, Alex is also a tremendous recruiter and manager of both internal and virtual teams.” Patrick O'Rahilly, CEO of FactoryFix.com
  • “Alex has been a mentor to me the past 6 months, and has taught me more this year than I could have hoped to learn in the next 5. I am now confident and eager to start putting his training to work in this field.” Zackary Conover, Marketing Professional
  • “When it comes to growth marketing, Alex is the master. I had the pleasure of hosting a networking event where I moderated a panel on what it takes to run a mobile app company. Alex was one of our panelist and his ability to relate, explain and motivate the audience really impressed me. The audience could tell he is an absolute expert in his field but was also able to explain his thoughts in a way that was relatable to everyone. Both myself and the audience, were so appreciative of him spreading his knowledge with us that evening.”J.P. Lamp, PHR, Corporate Recruiter and Entrepreneur
  • “I have worked under Alex for the past 6 months, and every day he brings so much excitement and passion to our project. He is constantly showing us how to optimize our processes to get the most out of each day. He knows what technology to use and what processes will or won’t work. I am very thankful to have worked with Alex and hope to keep learning from him in the future.”Alice Salt, Settlement Analyst at Invenergy LLC