Facebook (and/or Instagram) Tactics, Tools and Strategy

Suggested tools

Knowing what the current ads climate looks like is key to creating better ads. I use Bigbigads – A free chrome extension which allows you to view nothing but ads in your news feed.Moat.com – Shows every creative currently run by a particular brand.

To create your ads, I use Canva.com and https://pixteller.com/ – a more design-functional tool. Use promo code – SharewareOnSale – to get the free year of service.

And here are some tactics to try out

    1. Add captions to your videos – Captioned video ads have a 12% higher average view time.
    2. If you have a message widget on your landing page, try a messenger ad to get the conversation started – I love using Drift.com and “Drift Links” (a hashtag + custom name that triggers a conversion or ‘playbook’ on you page when clicked) to keep conversations going from ads to page. You can use Messenger bot ads (a newer ad option from Facebook) to start a conversation inside Messenger, and when the CTA button is clicked, the conversation widget on your landing page loads a custom greeting that refers to the offer they clicked. This is very engaging and gives your traffic more of a reason to stick around.
    3. If you have a custom messenger bot, use your bot’s JSON code in place of Messengers’ default code to keep the conversation going in Messenger – When you are creating your ad, you will see an option in the Links section to change default settings from “Website URL” to “Messenger”. Then click “Setup Messenger Content” button. In “JSON creation” tab, replace the replace the present code with your bot’s JSON code.
    4. Jab, jab, right hook – In other words, give, give, then ask. This is Gary V’s strategy for social marketing, and it works. The way I use it is to first offer some content, then offer some more free stuff, then finally ask them to buy/register. So I will go into new audiences with a few pieces of content to start, then pause those ads, run alternative traffic-driving giveaways, and finally insert my buy ads. This tactic ensures a much better buyer/installer/registrant because you first built trust/value before offering your product/solution.
    5. Use 3D video effects – This is very simple to do in after effects (or by asking someone on Fiverr.com). All you have to do is have a video frame with a white bar above and a white bar below. Then, your product comes from between the white bars to above them, which gives the appearance it’s popping out of the screen. This is very eye-catching and will get clicks. 
    6. My Facebook Ads Principals, Tactics and Tools – In here, there are 7 tactics and hacks, 10 best practices to follow, and 6 tools to start using in marketing stack…
    7. Here is a Guide to Reducing CPA of Facebook Ads – Straight out of our Growth Group. I found this to be very insightful… 


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