We do growth for startup and mid-market SaaS organizations.


Why we’re unique:

We will build you a marketing automation system to maintain growth at scale.
We will provide a done-for-you service, giving you time to focus on other priorities.
We will work with your internal team as well as help fill the gaps with our favorite contractors if necessary.
We will launch user acquisition and partner channels to go after your persona’s in a new way.
And, we will ensure your brand is available and looking great as many places as possible.

A holistic approach to outbound marketing.

This begins with the who and where of quality data, then writing quality copy, designing on-brand assets for each channel, and finally – setup of an optimal retarget system to ensure no efforts are wasted.

Auditing and setup to remain data-compliant

We have a strong understanding of data protection trends (e.g. GDPR), and how to gain and leverage accurate and relevant data for successful direct marketing. Therefore, we only work with platforms and partners who are also compliant with these standards so our data and how we use it are not in violation. 


Thought Leader Creation

This is very unique to us – at least in the way we handle it. Our process allows us to create thought leaders under specific keywords/topics in verticals like finance, marketing, real estate, insurance, medicine and much more.

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Fully-Managed Cold Email

We partner with a platform out of Germany which is top-tier when it comes to data gathering and enrichment. Their product allows us to customize audiences and serve unique cold email campaigns in a completely compliant manner (including GDPR).

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Growth For SaaS

If we had to claim a ‘bread and butter’ industry to serve, it would be SaaS. There hasn’t been a month in the last 5 years we weren’t consulting with or managing marketing for at least one SaaS product. This experience has allowed us to build up a slew of processes and contacts to help SaaS founders grow their baby.

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Done-for-you services.

Setup, design and copywriting of your automation system:

Chat and CRMs
After showing you the best options for your use case, we’ll help you come to a final decision then build it out

Salesforce or Hubspot. Although we typically steer clients away from the bloated legacy CRMs like Pardot/Hubspot/Marketo and even Salesforce… We can still understand the few circumstances when they are necessary and will get them set up correctly for you 🙂

ActiveCampaign, Close.io, AgileCRM, AloreCRM… These are CRM and marketing automation tools that can be incredibly useful for a mid-market SaaS or service company. And we’ve built systems with almost all of them.

Intercom or Drift setup (Intercom is especially robust and requires a lot of experience to get the full benefit. We have that experience).

Email systems (onboarding, triggered, blasts, and cold sequences)

Triggered and Drip
Drip.com, Autopilot, Customer.io…

Hubsell, Growbots, Growlabs…

A/B or Split Testing and Analytics.

One of the most valuable aspects to our expertise is in funnel testing and data analysis. We’ve used a number of dashboards, but here are some examples:

VWO or Optimizely

GA, Clevertap, Heap…

Onboarding tools.

Our team will ensure you are not losing customers at this stage in your funnel by implementing onboarding guidance using tools or in-house coding.



Tooltip and screen-takeover copy

Management of your outbound campaigns.

Cold Emails

Linkedin ads and messaging

Quora ads and outreach

*If you can benefit from Adwords or Facebook ads, we have agents we refer to and work closely with who only do Adwords and FB/IG campaign management for a percentage of ad spend.

Actionable Growth Roadmap.

Competitor Analysis –
A deep-dive into your competitors’ funnels, onboarding screens, and messages, positioning, SEO… and where to start optimizing your own.

Keyword Opportunity Analysis
A compiled list of keywords that you can easily rank for with little effort/content/links/site changes.

Customer Opportunities
Where your best customers are online, how to target them (channel, content, offer), and how much time and effort it will take (prioritization).

The r2R Team


Minh Nguyen
Copy and Conversion Specialist
About Minh
“I worked with one of the top copywriting agencies in the world (Salesfolk.com). Now I am using my B2B copywriting skills to help you increase clicks, conversions, and ultimately sales.”

Eric Dinkins
Content and Traffic Strategist
About Eric
“I know how to write and design content for print and digital use. I also know how to edit, optimize, and promote evergreen content to generate a long-term stream of targeted traffic to your site.”

Alex Glenn
Growth Principal
About Alex
“I’ve been working with founders and product teams to create and execute fully-automated user acquisition and demand-generation systems for years. I help you successfully navigate the ever-changing online landscape.”

Stephanie Akers
Customer Success
About Steph
“I help you reach more people with your campaigns.”

Prem Anandh
Graphic Design & UI
About Prem
“I’ve been designing products and creating web/mobile interfaces for about 6 years. As graphic and UI designer, I specialize in vector graphics, explainer videos and HTML5 animations.”

Sharjeel Mehmood
Lead Gen and Enrichment
About Sharjeel
“I specialize in lead generation campaigns, launching new products or services, and acquiring new customers.”

  • “Alex grasps your market and your value proposition all while keeping a pulse on the daily changes of options for your software stack. The best part about Alex is the experience, he’s tried different approaches and software and will save you the time of going down the hard road. Bottom-line: the best Chicago Growth-Hackers I’ve met yet.”Darren McAbery,
    Head of Marketing at Inspire Marketing Services
  • “Alex knows the tactics that it takes to execute to get growth. He’s got a good sense for the latest trends in growth and user acquisition as well as paid acquisition across different channels. He understands the marketing landscape and all the changes that companies need to make to grow their audiences.” Andy O’Dower, Head of Product for Curiosity.com
  • “Alicia was already going above and beyond as an operations manager when we asked her to step in as a creative resource manager. And managing the schedules of 10+ people with tight deadlines is a lot to ask. Alicia has done an amazing job.”Cory Kammer, President, Creative Director at The WitchBorn Corporation

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