Intercom Setup

What’s the problem?

  1. Not having a pricing or FAQs page, and going after cold audiences means increased bounce rates as swell reduced conversion rates (bad SEO).
  2. Customers need to be able to get ahold of a support person when they have issues and we do not have enough support (in enough time zones) to provide all clients with phone calls for every support Q.
  3. We do not have a centralized communication dashboard to view all prospects and customer communications (this is why Salesforce has Pardot, and Hubspot built out messaging on top of their CRM with live chat… omnichannel communication).


  1. Increase Conversion Rates on the site by providing an access point for cold traffic to get in touch with our sales support.
  2. Increase client satisfaction by providing more full-time support in their dashboards.
  3. Have customized promotional communication to newsletter optins and prospects.
  • Description

    Product Description

    What’s included: 

    1. Communication mapping with events to capture between CRM and Intercom
    2. Verify setup of pixel
    3. Add team members
    4. Set available hours account-wide (settings)
    5. Customize colors and account welcome message
    6. Add any other widgets to the chat window which may be necessary (support area, ticket submit link, calendar link…)
    7. Create the general ‘visitor’ welcome message and rules
    8. Create the general ‘user’ welcome message and rules
    9. Load a .csv (formatted correctly) of current customers to Intercom
    10. Create custom fields for any critical qualifying questions we need answering before we can say the visitor is a ‘lead’ (i.e. company size)
    11. Setup Operator bot
    12. Adding all current blog posts and FAQs to the Intercom help center