Marketing Automation and Personal Branding Services

Knowledge and experience in enterprise-level marketing systems, a passion for quality, combined with proven growth marketing strategies.

Become the ‘subject matter expert’

This is very unique to us – at least in the way we handle it. Our process allows us to create thought leaders under specific keywords/topics in verticals like finance, marketing, real estate, insurance, medicine and much more.

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cold email management services

Cold Outreach Setup and Management

We partner with a platform out of Germany which is top-tier when it comes to data gathering and enrichment. Their product allows us to customize audiences and serve unique cold email campaigns in a completely compliant manner (including GDPR).

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saas startup consulting

Marketing Automation for SaaS

There hasn’t been a month in the last 5 years we weren’t consulting with or managing marketing for at least one SaaS product. This experience has allowed us to build up a slew of processes and contacts to help SaaS founders grow their baby.

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  • Alex has a deep understanding of the MarTech SaaS landscape, GDPR, and iPaaS solutions. He has been pivotal in defining our strategy for the US market. Alex provided key introductions, and I love his direct and result-driven approach!
    CEO of Blendr
  • “Mark and Yellow O are our go-to Marketing Automation experts.”
    CMO at Beam Wallet
  • “Alex is very knowledgeable about app marketing strategies. He has a solid understanding analytics attribution and event tracking for saas. Just recently I consulted Alex on some event-based messaging for apps to further our strategy. I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone that is looking to improved their business, whether saas or app, to help solidify their growth strategy.”
    Marek Dzik
    Mobile Product Manager
  • “I've known Alex for over 10 years now. We've launched brands together, and worked alongside each other in scaling B2B businesses. Alex has a ton of energy and a passion for creative problem-solving. I call Alex whenever I have a tough decision to make, be it related to marketing or a general business issue. He always has the answer.”
    Matthew Everett
    CEO of Spirit Wear
  • “Alex is one of the best, if not the best, full-stack Marketing Automation experts I've worked with. He knows which systems and traffic sources to use at every stage of business. His ability to predict which upcoming source to use to drive traffic through a chosen funnel shows his ability to imagine user interaction. He's never afraid to try a new strategy and always finds a way to make his ideas work.”
    Kaitlynn Sirotkin
    Marketing Manager at DRIVIN
  • Alex is, by far, the most creative marketing mind I've worked with to date. As a sales leader, I'm hyper-focused on revenue-generating activities. What I learned working directly with Alex is how to build a sustainable revenue generating ecosystem focused on long-term revenue health. Alex, single-handedly, created the stable marketing foundation we stand on today. His knowledge of every thinkable marketing channel and accompanying software is both impressive and dizzying. If you're tasked with finding a highly talented marketing mind to partner with your sales team and drive revenue- look no further.
    Brian McGarry
    Director of Sales at