This is very coincidental. We just finished a training session internally to show our interns how to approach [cold] outreach for one of our platforms.

Check out this video to start. In it, Sean Sheppard gives some simple but valuable advice on how to go about eliminating “cold” selling/prospecting.

I have been operating one strategy for a while now that has worked very well. Here are the steps:

  1. Define you key markets first. Ideally, boil it down to a city/region. Each will have a different type of user and need. If your marketplace does not differ for users based on geography, then break up your targets by need.
  2. When you have the segments defined, rank them from lowest-hanging fruit to most difficult for you to sell to based on your current status/value prop.
  3. Now, begin to scrape or buy lists based on those segments. I have a team who does my list building for me (click here to view their pricing), but I have also used list brokers, LeadIQ, and directory scrapes.
  4. Upload the lists with appropriate tags to your CRM. If your current CRM does not offer a triggered drip email or SMS option, get AgileCRM.
  5. Now, develop your drip campaigns. These should either have a specific localized or customized offer for each segment. For segments where you are not sure exactly what to offer, use something similar to the general opening email below that is proven. Make sure your sequence tags users appropriately based on who opened the email, clicked certain links, or were unresponsive. Also, place the responsive users of the drip into an evergreen sequence after the drip is complete so they keep getting your content.
  6. Launch the drip sequences, and get your sales team ready.
  7. As they open/respond/browse your site, your team will receive desktop notifications from AgileCRM. Ideally, you will reach out the moment they are browsing your site or reading your email.
  8. For the call, have your value proposition and pain points outlined (not scripted). Lead with what you are doing to solve the pain points (hopefully the same) for others like them. They could be a reduction of ___, higher quality and faster ____, insurances and guarantees they wish they had but cannot get now… Whatever those are, make sure they are not “glad to have’s.”
  9. Try to end the call in a demo or signup.
  10. Tag every profile of every prospect in your CRM appropriately. Those who ask for a link or a call go into your nurture sequence drip – sales related emails that end in a close.

This is not the entire sales process and steps, but it’s enough to get started with targeted email and calling.

If you have any more questions, I’m available on Skype: right2revenue


Hello {{first name}},

My team and I have a created a platform and service that does {{what you do}}.

We use this platform to help over {{total number}} of {{type of customers}} {{reduce, build, save….}} {{___%,$,#}} on {{what you sell}}.

{{First name}}, let’s schedule a quick 10-minute call so I can show you exactly how it works. When is the best time for you?


{{your name}}

Alex Glenn