This was an experimental cold email + LinkedIn connection request sequence I ran. Here are the numbers and copy:

Day 1: 

Subject line: {{firstName}} {{lastName}} // {{}} – the experiment

Hello {{firstName}},

I am inviting you into a non-intrusive experiment designed to prove the potential of a sales automation strategy I use to execute this very particular type of campaign. My intention is to show you so you can imagine it being used for your business. To jump ship now and remove yourself, click here… 

But, I encourage you to enlighten me as it only takes a few days, and you can gain some tremendous insight into the process of lead nurturing.

The reason you are in this campaign is because you fit the profile:

You are a {{title}}, of the {{#if (eq ‘Chief X Officer (CxO)’)}}CXO{{else}}{{}}{{/if}} seniority, for the {{department}} department, at {{companyId.shortName}}, a company from the {{lowerCase companyId.Industry}} industry, and which is growing but currently fits the {{companyId.size}} size.’

This is what the copy above ^ looks like in the email platform I used to compose it:

Now, the following things will be happening in the coming days to illustrate the potential of our approach:

  1. Tomorrow around 5:41 pm CST, you will receive a LinkedIn connection request with a targeted message (“{{firstName}}, it would be great to connect and share resources!”)

  2. Exactly 3 business days later, you will receive an email which will highlight a recent podcast episode about lead nurturing.

  3. It gets better, if you wait 3 more business days, (normally, I wouldn’t follow up so soon after but as this is a simulation I’m changing from my normal campaigning) I will send you a link to a product normally priced at $199, which I will offer you for free – this product is 100 rows of enriched data from people who follow any Quora topic you choose.

  4. If you’re still reading this message, then I know we are going to get along just fine… Which is exactly why I’m going to ask you for a call in my final email 3 days after the free product offer.

Are you at least curious? I know I am, you are one of a few receiving this and it’s a first for me.

*Note: If you reply to me during this entire process, (which would be great, but) it will stop the sales automation and we’ll switch to person to person communication.



P.S. this message, our data acquisition, and all follow-ups are GDPR, PECR, and DPA compliant.


Day 2 – 5:41PM CST: 

LinkedIn connection request and note:

Hello {{firstName}}, this is step 2 of the sequence I mentioned in my cold email from yesterday – right on time 🙂


Day 5 – 2:31PM CST:

Subject line: Re:{{lastEmailSent.subject}}

Hello again {{firstName}},

Here is stage 3 of the sequence you are in… as promised, 3 business days later and at 2:30p CST. 

And, as promised, here is the episode on Lead Nurturing from my podcast. 



P.S. Look out for the final two emails from me – one in 3 business days, and the other exactly 3 business days later. 

Day 8 – 2:31PM CST:

Subject line: Re:{{lastEmailSent.subject}}


Since you are receiving this, you are still in the sequence and I hope you are seeing the use cases it could if customized for {{companyId.shortName}}.

As promised, I am offering you 100 rows of enriched data from people who follow any Quora topic you choose. I recommend this because people who follow a topic on Quora related to the {{companyId.industry}} industry, chances are they are very interested in services/products in the industry.

Thank you for your continued participation in this experiment!




Day 14 – 10:00AM CST: 

Subject line: Any feedback for me {{firstName}}?


Thank you for your patience and for being a good sport. I’m a data-enthusiast, so I believe in complete-transparency with my clients.
If you have a second, would you mind letting me know if taking part in this experiment was at all helpful?  

I appreciate your time and consideration,