Alex Glenn

I won’t bother you with a long-winded answer. But here are the best/cheapest options for your MVP Marketplace:

IF you are only trying to prove out your model (i.e. still have not determined market acceptance/need of you marketplace – assuming it is niche), then use WordPress.

This theme will be great for under 5000 users: WordPress themes | Etsy

I use WordPress theme to test marketplaces. But, there are issues at scale. These themes are not meant to allow admins easy database management, they start to choke when you are getting a lot of sign-ups at once, and their built-in email response systems need to be replaced.

As soon as you are hitting some consistent growth after you first 1000 users, you will want and need to convert to something more scalable – like one of Sjoerd Handgraaf ‘s Sharetribe platforms. Or, if it’s a service-based marketplace, then consider Marketplace Apps.

A third option is using an Angular .js admin theme like Inspinia to build out your separate user and admin dashboards. This is scalable and stable. It will always be fast. But, it’s not as cost efficient as using something out-of-box.

In short, if you are hoping and planning on building a large peer-to-peer commerce platform, talk to Sjoerd Handgraaf.
If you are planning on building a large service-to-customer or service-to-business platform, check out Marketplace Apps.

I hope this helps.

Alex, Solving the Chicken and Egg dilemma.