This is a very simple routine that can get your name and brand in front of thousands of prospects in less than a few minutes.

Things to be aware of:

  1. This tactic is meant more of a branding tactic than a means to grow your network. As in, it will get your personal brand in front of a lot of people on Linkedin instantly. Some of those people will accept/connect, but that is a secondary benefit to doing this.
  2. You can bulk-import any emails and names as contacts using a .csv to your Gmail, Outlook… or most any other large provider.
  3. Linkedin uses historical (not current) emails as well as the name to match your contacts with their database of profiles.

All you need to get this done is a linkedin account, a large list of prospective customers (names/emails only), and a large email provider account (we use Gmail in this hack).


STEP 1 – Compile your bulk sheet

The bulk sheet (.csv) format you use in Gmail or Outlook can be downloaded here. Do not bother with any other columns but the name, email, and company name. Those are the fields Linkedin will use to pair with an account. Fill it out, save it.


STEP 2 – Upload your sheet and merge contacts

Login to Gmail, click on the the “More” dropdown in the top middle and then “Import…” After you finish the upload, you may see a list of people that need to be “merged.” Select merge contacts and move on. The details you have from the bulk sheet will be added to their contact in your Gmail.



STEP 3 – Connect your email in Linkedin

Login to Linkedin and click on the “My Network” link in the top bar. Then enter your Gmail address in the box on the left and click “Continue.” You may get LI thinking, and experience a delay, depending on your contact list size. Then you will have to allow LI to integrate with your email account.

Quick and easy Linkedin Hacks


STEP 4 – Complete the import and send

After you’ve attached your accounts, your addable contacts will show up and you will be able to deselect anyone you don’t wish to send the invite to.

**Note, if you click “Add to network”, it means they do not have a Linkedin profile so they will receive an email with an invite to Linkedin.


Quick and easy Linkedin HacksQuick and easy Linkedin Hacks


Please let me know if all goes well 🙂

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