I recently hosted a podcast where we discuss lead nurturing – a process of using cold emails in conjunction with a few other steps to convert high-value prospects.

Here is the audio for that answer >>>

But my answer is this:

If you want to go after very large (i.e. successful, busy, prominant) people using cold email (or outreach), you must first ensure your personal brand online is chalked-full of thought-leadership proof.

To elaborate – your prospects (especially at this level) are deciding whether or not to buy you, not your product/service. You are asking them for precious time to talk to you. The product your selling almost does not matter during your first cold outreach attempt. What they need to be sure of is one thing… dealing with you is not going to waste their time.

In order to feel good about replying and getting that sales call/demo/trial/(Whatever), your prospect needs to trust you are knowledgeable about this particular pain point your product/service is solving for so they know they are giving their time to someone who can, at minimum, help them better-understand the problem or solution.

This can require thought leadership branding on social and in search results so your prospects either saw your face/name recently next to something they read about the topic, or they can click a link in your signature to look through what you have been doing in the space (writings, speak engagements, mutual connections…).

Outside of my high-level strategy to get larger prospects into your funnel, below is an answer I wrote to a similar question recently about what’s necessary to get your cold emailing to work:

First, let’s show a very poor attempt at a cold email I actually received recently:

Why is this awful?

  • “It’s been a while..” – I’ve never heard from this guy.
  • “Many of you…” – calling out the fact I am in a blast (not a personal email).
  • His background is data management, but this is an example of not using accurate data.
  • Most importantly, the entire email is about the sender but it should be about me, the recipient.

Now, how can we create GREAT one-to-one cold email experiences:

  • Be specific in your creation of new audiences. Whether pulling from your DB, or creating ad hoc, be as specific as possible and tie in as many custom attributes as possible.
  • APIs like Linkedin Sales Navigator have done the heavy lifting for you. And there are plenty of options for extracting from those APIs.
  • Use tools which allow for customization of the text. You cannot trigger a ‘human like’ message at scale without being able to use numerous dynamic text placeholders.
  • This is the most important… most marketers make the mistake of targeting prospects on only a single channel with one medium in which they most experienced.

Now here is the correct way to compose a cold email (in bulk-format):

Why is this better?

  1. It focuses on the reader, not the sender.
  2. It includes what prompted this outreach (“I saw your…)
  3. Also, something personal (“congrats…)
  4. And finally, it caters to their departmental pain points (“ensure you do now lose out on data optimization…”)

Even if you or a team member send these one at a time (as opposed to using software), the important thing to remember is – the more custom variables you put into a message, the higher the response rate.

** Regarding “{{ Personal Notes }}” – make sure to get some data point, or create your own, which can apply to all of your audiences.

Now, let’s go back to prepping a new audience for a campaign:

  1. Define your audience and purpose,
  2. Map the impressions and messages,
  3. List the criteria you need,
  4. Gather and verify the data,
  5. Enrich the data by adding a {{ personal_field }},
  6. Write your copy using the custom fields ^,
  7. If anyone is in the EU, make sure they are NOT in an OPT-IN requirement state.

Again – here’s how to be ‘human-like’ in bulk cold outreach:

  1. Dynamically customized messaging copy.
  2. Recipient at the center.
  3. Initiate a dialogue not a sale.
  4. Provide value from first contact onwards.


I hope you learned something here.

Also, I have a managed cold email service if you are interested. We handle this for a select few every month. Here is the brief: https://right2revenue.com/fully-managed-cold-email-service/