SaaS Dilemma #1 – How to create awareness of a new solution?

We are in a relatively immature/uneducated market. Most people in our industry do not know solutions like ours exist. There are not many Google searches for our keywords. What can we do to change this?

What you are referring to, in my industry, is called building a keyword. This strategy requires you to generate a lot of questions online, not answers. At first, you do not care why they are searching your brand. The name of the game is connection without representation – tie your brand to any campaigns that do not specifically mention what you do. 

  • Statistics uncovering / Case study participation campaign
    • This is strategy Uber exploits all the time. It is not all that difficult, but it does require bit of commitment. The ROI can be enormous.
    • You need a data set you’re trying to uncover, someone to own it, and a few clients to opt in before the campaign starts. Use a pain point or enormous uncertainty your clients currently have regarding hiring.
    • Ideally, you would have interest and commitment from the Economics professor at UIC before you launch as well.
    • Run ads towards target customers asking for their participation with the offer of sharing results.
  • Using your current job openings
    • Run a couple grand worth of Linkedin ads directly at employees of your top customer prospects mentioning job openings.
      • This provides the same benefits of an ad for you brand PLUS it shows you are growing/successful
      • Relate the copy to a top competitor of theirs – “Learn how company XYZ lowered at job all of your job ads at heads of.
    • Post every job opening you have on every site possible, as many times as possible.
      • One of the cheapest sources of PR and audience acquisition is through your current job openings.
      • Job postings generate a ton of google searches.
      • You do not want to overwhelm your HR team, so add the other sources you do not typically use to recruit to your “Where did you find this job?” selection dropdown on the application page, and your HR team can prioritize applications from your typical sources.
  • Conversational posts on sites like Quora and Reddit
    • Reddit and Quora are great because they can generate a conversation around your ad/post/answer and therefore searches.
    • Have everyone in the company post questions that SH is the answer for.
      • You need people to search and find your brand (i.e. “Does anyone know an alternative for Skype for video interviewing potential candidates?”)
      • Enough of these and Google will start recommending “software” when people start typing “Video Interview…
    • Answering questions on Quora
      •  I use to compile a list of links to the top Quora questions each week that our product was a solution for, then sit with my CEO and come up with short answers he approved.
      • Then, I would have our in-house editor embellish on them so they were more of a full picture answer.
      • Finally, I’d have my team in India upvote those a few dozen times to get them to the top of that questions answers list.
      • By the third month 3, this generated 8,000 visitors to our site, and a few hundred downloads (we were an app). But, we are certain it generated searches as well.



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