We are starting to take a lot of market share. More specifically, many of our competitors’ customers are switching to us. We need to figure out a way to get in front of our competitors’ customers without explicitly knowing who they are. How do we find that out? Someone who uses a competitor that takes a look at us and is blown away by the value that we provide in comparison. How do we get in front of these competitor customers so they can get educated on our differentiation?

Here is how to get in front of your competitors’ customers

  1. Content Marketing
    1. Discover which pages on their site are delivering the most organic traffic.
      1. Use Spyfu or Ahrefs to find out which pages on their site have the most backlinks,
      2. Here’s how.
    2. Create pages (posts/case studies) with alternative titles but much more value
      1. More copy
      2. More numbers if its a list
      3. Infographic and ebook
    3. Immediately add those new pages to search console
    4. Drive paid/social traffic towards them from all sources for a week.
  2. Use Clearbit (Chrome extension for Salesforce users here) to capture/export a list of your target market company names and other contacts.
    1. Have a VA scrape additional decision-makers emails and put them into a couple different bulk sheet formats:

      1. One for direct upload to GMAIL (I’ll explain later)
      2. One for Facebook retargeting
    2. Eliminate anyone you work with, and the rest are either with a competitor or still using skype
    3. Add the rest to your campaigns that allow you to retarget based on an email list – Adroll CRM ads and Facebook ads.
  3. Be where they are

    1. What runs where or ahrefs
      1. Find out what pages and posts they promote
      2. With What copy/creative
      3. And what does best – use: https://www.whatrunswhere.com
    2. Use Adbeat (or related service) to find out:

      1. Where competitors spend their ad dollars, h
      2. What copy / CTA / creatives they use to get customers
      3. How much they spend per channel
      4. Here’s the report on GreenJobInterview.com’s ad activity
  1. Go to similarweb.com and find out which sites most of their direct traffic comes from (bottom of the page) and find out how you can get your brand all over that site:
    1. This is more of a way to get ahead of them in the lead gen process, but also works to capture their customers attention
    2. Guest posts, banner ads…
  1. Social sites and reviews

    1. Check out your competitor’s client success teams’ network on linked

      1. Look for company-specific LinkedIn groups, target members
    2. Monitor their social feed and conversations using SocialSentiv or Audience

      1. Find out who they are mentioning in tweets and in posts – these are pos
    3. Look at their facebook and google reviews. Look for the mid-to-poor reviewers, target them.
  2. Surveys

    1. Intercom – you most likely have done this, but use their engage feature to figure out what other services your traffic compares you to.
    2. Place a survey in your onboarding sequence to constantly gather a list of [non-competitive] tools your customers use.

      1. **Important – do not link to a survey (typeform or surveymonkey). Simply as one question, bullet point possible answers, and invite replies: “Would you mind letting us know who you compare our service to?” – then list your top competitors, but throw in some who are not direct competitors but may appear to offer what you offer.
      2. The other benefit of this reply to email survey is to start email threads with customers on their preferred medium (customers don’t always prefer to chat with you, but may not have any problem replying to your emails), so you ask follow-up questions and get a lot more info from those who reply.
  3. Facebook ad targeting/retargeting

    1. Include all everyone who is in our industry (by a list of their interests – staffing publications, organizations, thought leaders…)
    2. But, narrow that to everyone in the above list ^ plus everyone who likes competitor A.
    3. Add the tools from your customer survey to your narrowed audiences on Facebook
  4. Scrape your competitor’s twitter accounts and convert those to emails, then pluck out the company emails (admins of company twitter accounts) and target those people with your ads or retargeting.

    1. Find target Twitter Account
    2. Export Twitter ID’s of that account’s followers
    3. Convert Twitter ID’s to Twitter account names
    4. Scrape Twitter accounts for domain names and account info