Today I have with me Aleksandr, the ceo of – A platform I have used and loved for years to build multiple projects using their vetted developers. Today we’re going to discuss Intercom – the chat tool which is much more than a chat tool – and the automations which can be used for lead qualification and capture.

We will discuss how Intercom can work in your marketing and sales automation when your goal is to treat the eager and qualified traffic on your site with urgency as opposed to pushing them to a simple demo request form which we see too often today.

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We harp on one-to-one experiences on this podcast and Intercom is uniquely flexible so we can use it for creating awesome lead capture funnels which also incorporate it’s inherent value of the excellent chat UI / UX.

But before we dive into Intercom and this use case, here are the tools I use for contact enrichment and verificationn or automated research:

  • Leadfeeder for site visitor company info
  • for lead enrichment and cold outreach
  • AgileCRM (or other lightweight CRM for customer / prospect tracking and automations)
  • for ongoing dev bandwidth and dev projects.
  • Intercom for top of funnel communications

Example funnel =

I am showing a page on coding (linkedin in the show notes) with a lead capture flow built off Intercom.

Aleksandr, can you explain what we’re looking at?

  1. Currently, customers cannot register on without talking with someone from our team.
    1. All they can do is chat or schedule a demo.
    2. So, it is very important to our funnel to qualify this traffic as much as possible prior to the chat or demo (if at all possible).
  2. When the customer comes to our website to find a developer, usually, they are exploring many options at the same time, as they are behind the deadlines.
  3. So for us, it’s crucial to catch them right away and start the conversation, schedule a call, or answer the question.
    1. This is opposite to the funnels you see most often, mainly on saas product sites, where there is a ‘demo request’ button and a medium sized form.
    2. The reason for this is so SDRs can qualify those leads and prioritize who they want to reach out to when they come to work the next day.
    3. In our experience, you can get a much better conversion when allowing a customer to talk to someone prior to scheduling a demo.

So, we use Intercom to power these lead capture flows on the site. Then, we schedule calls with Hubspot and track emails with MailTrack.

Thank you for that explanation Alek, and I agree 100% – we need to treat all website visitors with the same initial respect and urgency, but utilize the technology we have to screen them in as low-fidelity of a manner as possible. This creates a great one-to-one experience for the user, and allows your sales team to focus on qualified traffic chats only.

Here is screenshot of a funnel Gigster used for a while which I have copied several times: mission chat page funnel

This was their homepage test, where they showed a mission statement on the left two thirds and an email capture on the right two thirds. Then, users were asked to select if they’d like to chat with someone. If selected, they were dumped into a live chat with a support person. 

Since this was Gigster, we knew a ton of time/testing had gone into the page, so it was worth testing. I used to build this out for 3 different industries, and the success was the same for each.

Great, now can you explain in simple terms what listeners and viewers need to build what we’ve just shown?  

  1. Head to OR show this episode to your developer
  2. Create a startup intercom account (for s discount – link to startup intercom app here)
  3. Sync your CRM with Intercom.
  4. The way this automation works is via API.
  5. Also we send the message from the form to Intercom, so the person in our team can see, what is the customer looking for right away and star tthe conversation.

Note: and Salesforce both are great CRMs for their own respective business sizes, and have native integrations with

Now, although I cannot show you the working funnel as the site it was on is down, I will show you some screenshots and an example of how I recommend using this same funnel for lead capure to qualification to instant support via embedded chat.

  • What you see here is the embeddable version of the code created for wordpress.
  • This is form does not change URLs or redirect to a new page ever (that’s important),
  • As the user answers each question, a new question shows up right in the same window,
  • On submit, that data is pushed into Intercom where a new contact is created.
  • IF the user answers the questions in a particular way, they will be shown a chat box with a custom message from a sales rep inviting them to chat.
  • IF they do not answer the questions the way a qualified prospect would, they are redirected to a thank you page with a note to check their email for next steps.
  • After the chat takes place, and the user is defined as qualified, the sales rep pushes that contact into the CRM from the intercom backend.