I’ve been marketing B2B – including my personal services, platforms, marketplaces, saas products… for 11+ years now. It took me a long time to find lead generation strategy/routine which was compounding (creating more leads every month). When I found this routine, I try to practice it daily. The best part is, everything is at zero cost.


And here is the audio dictation word-for-word >>

I will preface with my belief that every B2B company needs at least one person in the company, preferably higher-up, to become thought leaders under the pain points your company solves. This requires at least one of you to be the ‘link-builder’ for your company. One of the responsibilities (if not the main responsibility) of this individual will be to publish valuable content and answers to these pain points as often and in as many formats as possible. The reasons I suggest this sort of thought leadership content curation are:

  1. Showing thought leadership will sell your services regardless of how many blog posts your site has or how good your funnel is, nothing will get people through to purchase more than the respect they have in a thought leader.
  2. The practice of branding and thought leadership through content (if you follow a similar practice below) will create a ton of quality links for your site… which, in turn, increases the likelihood people will link to your content. Therefore, those in need of reference links will see you as a quality resource then link to you. And we all know how important backlinks are to your sites SEO…
  3. Creating valuable content draws other thought leaders to you and can help you build long-lasting referral and channel partnerships via content syndication like a podcast, column or youtube show.

The initial focus of this practice on the following:

  1. Building thought leadership around a specific topic/service/keyword.
  2. Personal branding on social sites and search.
  3. Collaboration with the experts under said topics with a non-competing agenda.

When you are actively following the agenda below, the results should be similar:

  1. An increase in site visitors and inbound leads which compounds each month.
  2. The quality of the leads increases with every month.
  3. The time-to-close decreases every month.

I will be highlighting Quora, Anchor and LinkedIn in my routine because…

Quora has over 200M monthly active users (according to it’s founder) and all answers are indexed for search. These factors combined make it very attractive for publishers like myself. The audience on Quora are mainly affluent with a large percentage being higher-up professionals/executives and investors. Further, it is a place where you can become a thought-leader under a specific ‘topic.’ Topics have followers and questions get sorted into topics by keywords automatically. When you answer a number of questions under a topic, you receive views/impressions from search engine searches, as well search on Quora AND… those following the topic/question you answered under will receive notifications when you do and click into the app to view the answer.

e.g. most viewed writers under the topic “B2B Lead Generation”:

Then, when you search on Google for the keyword:

Anchor is an automatic podcast creation (recording) and syndication (to all major podcast directories like iTunes and Spotify) platform. The main benefit is the ease of use and automation of publishing. You can be everywhere after a simple phone interview. It’s also free and easy to use.

LinkedIn – 500M+ monthly active users, and you all know what the value is in using LI for B2B lead gen. One downside about LinkedIn, which is not the case with platforms like Quora, is in it’s ephemeral setup and non-indexed post links. What I mean by that is, unless you create a viral post (which is very difficult), and/or have a very large network (max is 30,000), the reach and effectiveness (return on time) of your LI posts is low. This is why I make sure to extrapolate any content I create purposed for B2B lead generation on these three platforms.

So, back to my routine from yesterday…

The best way for me to answer is by walking you through my lead-generation-specific activity of the last 24 hours:

Late last night:

  1. In bed, looking through a Google sheet my VA’s compiled for me with my next Quora questions to answer.
  2. I decide which of the first three to answer in my next days recording with my podcast co-host also interested in similar topics.
  3. Then, I find 3 closely-related questions on Quora to answer during.
  4. I create a Google doc with the question links at the top and my version of a loosely-outlined answer.
  5. I send my podcast co-host the link to the Google doc with a few times I can record.
  6. Then, I will try to do a late-night post from the days activities if I have not yet done so.
  7. If I have time, I will go to LinkedIn and follow some people in the audience I am after.

    This morning:

  8. I like to write in the AM, so I will typically compose a post on LinkedIn with the previous days material I have not posted. But today, I needed to write a new cold outreach sequence so that took up my writing time.
  9. Then, I push the link out to my friends to get their feedback and engagement.
  10. If I am recording a podcast (like I was today), the next thing I will do is write the draft of what I’d like to touch on in the days recording.
  11. Then, I setup a new browser window with (1) the topic/question I am recording towards (typically on Quora), (2) the Google doc where I wrote my answer, and (3) any necessary visuals to show during the screencast.
  12. After break (coffee, client emails, calls…), I will get onto a phone call with my cohost to discuss the days recording and doc I shared the night before.
  13. When we’re on the same page, we break for 5 so I can open Anchor – The easiest way to start a podcast, get my headset or mic on, then start my screencast.
  14. The recording includes two separate audio files so I have to do some editing – the entire process (recording + edits) takes me an hour.

    My afternoon:

  15. After a short break, I finished editing and published in this order:
  16. The audio from Anchor first get’s downloaded as an .mp3. Then, along with the downloaded Loom screencast .mp4, I import those to Camtasia to be edited into one audio file and one quality video.
  17. The podcast audio goes to Anchor – The easiest way to start a podcast,
  18. The video loads to YouTube with a summary,
  19. The text + video + embedded Anchor – The easiest way to start a podcast podcast episode go to my blog
  20. Then, I submit the blog post URL to search console (do not skip this step if you’re following).
  21. Finally, I publish the answer to Quora.
  22. After the days content was published, I got back to serving some client needs for a few hours – creating a thought-leader out of a CEO client of mine using a similar process to what I did today.

    if it is a very valuable piece of content which is both actionable and somewhat unique (like this analysis of cold email platforms), at this time I will post it to a closed group or Slack channel I am involved in. Further, I will then add it to my growth marketing newsletter to make sure my subscribers get it first. 

    This evening:

  23. After tennis and dinner, I got back online to do research for both client needs and thought leadership – records / verification / setup for a new domain to ensure cold outreach can be effective without hurting the domains’ health.
  24. I found a few Quora questions about this topic and will record that early next week with my co-host.
  25. Further, I made sure to follow anyone else following the topic of “Cold Emailing” so I can make sure to invite them to view the content when it’s completed.
  26. When clients emails were answered I needed to make sure my personal brand was taken care of so I found this very question to answer.
  27. Then, I write out my answer in a Google doc.
  28. My lead-gen activity tonight will end with me looking for a potential interview and source for my next valuable piece of content – “How To Setup A New Domain Ensure Deliverability (Authentication and avoiding spam filters)”
  29. Tomorrow morning, I will record a screencast of myself answering this Quora question with an Anchor.fm podcast so I can create another 3-5 links for myself as suggested in this answer.

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