Some Great Organization & Analytics Resources

This is an area I have [admittedly] struggled with… But, great organization is a requisite for creating prominent branding and successful year-over-year growth (especially as teams grow). No growth plan would succeed without dashboards, documents and spreadsheets to keep goals in line and your team on the same page throughout the process. So, here are some of my favorite (not your typical) tools I use to keep my work in check. Enjoy!

1 – Organizing Your Tabs

Station is a desktop app for organizing all of your web apps in one easy-to-navigate and low-memory use dashboard. Station is the first smart workstation for busy people. A single place for all of your work applications:

If you have to keep Chrome open with multiple tabs, I recommend one or both of these Chrome extensions to keep working memory from being soaked up by all of your open tabs:

2 – Email Contacts

AgileCRM is something I couldn’t live without. I use it for 10,000+ prospective client sales tracking, and I have an account for personal clients and my newsletter drip. It’s by far the most robust (functionality, integrations, message types…) and affordable CRM I’ve ever used:

Next, I use Emailable to organize and verify my new emails. I integrate it into forms with email capture so I can be certain emails left in the field are real/active before the form is submitted:

3 – Audiences

For retargeting and audience-building, you no longer need a list of emails or a pixel on your site. Marketers can now use this tool to automatically create retargeting audiences from those who click on any of your links, anywhere:

4 – Analytics

We all use GA, and some of us even have a third party tool. I recommend and use Quantcast to find/track/organize my site visitor persona’s. This product has one of the best free analytics dashboards I’ve seen for audience interest/behavior data…

5 – Hypothesis and Project Tracking

I’m not a fan of Basecamp. I use Trello and Asana because of the integrations and amazing Kanban-style project flow dashboard. But, what about tracking growth hypothesis? This tool will allow you to track growth hypothesis in Trello!

6 – Presentations

I will typically use Google slides for internal presentations. But, especially for investors, you need something more engaging. Check out the $7/mo plan on Prezi to create those slightly-fancier presentations:

7 – Templates

Finally, here are two templates I suggest you check out if you are launching:

For marketing directors – A great template for organizing your marketing strategy…

For startup CEO’s with small sales teams – How to organize a startup sales team…


I hope you enjoyed this!

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