I’ve been marketing in LinkedIn for years now. Tools and tactics come on go, but the name of the game for organic LI strategy has always been the number of [positive] brand impressions. This is heightened by the size of your network, so I’m always interested in tactics I can use to grow my brand amongst persona’s I am marketing to at that time. I’ve been using this tactic with some amazing success lately. It won’t be around forever, so try it out and let me know what you think.

I’d recommend this article to:

  1. Recruiters and staffing pro’s who need to continually fill a backlog of top available candidates.
  2. Anyone involved in B2B sales and/or marketing.

Here’s what you will need:

1: LinkedHub Chrome Extension – This amazing tool is relatively new, but it does two incredible things; (1) auto-drip sequences to new connections that exist in a people search criteria of your choice, and (2) auto-populate your HubSpot CRM with connections from search if you need:

Tools to grow linkedin

2: Linked Helper Chrome Extension – If you haven’t used this yet, you’re about to have something extremely powerful in your browser. LH has a number of features, but in this tutorial, I’ll highlight these: (1) Collect profiles from search for auto-visiting, and (2) connect to all second contacts from search.

Tools to grow linkedin

3: And finally, access to a general recruiting or sales email account – Your personal email can be used as well, but I’ll show you why this can be very useful if you have a general sales or recruiting inbox with prospects or candidates emails.


Let’s start with the easy part – connecting your email to send connection requests:


STEP 1 – Compile your bulk sheet

The bulk sheet (.csv) format you use in Gmail or Outlook can be downloaded here. Do not bother with any other columns but the name, email, and company name. Those are the fields Linkedin will use to pair with an account. Fill it out, save it.


STEP 2 – Upload your sheet and merge contacts

Login to Gmail, click on the the “More” dropdown in the top middle and then “Import…” After you finish the upload, you may see a list of people that need to be “merged.” Select merge contacts and move on. The details you have from the bulk sheet will be added to their contact in your Gmail.

STEP 3 – Connect your email in LinkedIn

Login to Linkedin and click on the “My Network” link in the top bar. Then enter your Gmail address in thelinkedin growth hacks box on the left and click “Continue.” You may get LI thinking, and experience a delay, depending on your contact list size. Then you will have to allow LI to integrate with your email account.


STEP 4 – Complete the import and send

After you’ve attached your accounts, your addable contacts will show up and you will be able to deselect anyone you don’t wish to send the invite to.

Linkedin Growth Tactics

**Note, if you click “Add to network”, it means they do not have a Linkedin profile so they will receive an email with an invite to Linkedin.




Now, let’s get your extensions installed and setup a new campaign.


STEP 5 – Install both chrome extensions

If you do not use Chrome, you will need to install Chrome first. When you have Chrome opened, install and register for both Linked Helper and LinkedHub.

linkedin hack

STEP 6 – Setup your first messaging sequence

Open your LinkedHub extension as well as your LinkedIn account >> click on “My Network”. You will only be able to run one sequence at a time, so plan your first in correlation with the audience you are in need of reaching/connecting with right now. This can be specific job titles, skills, or even an exact keyword in their profile like “seeking opportunities”. You will want to correlate this search with the search you will deploy Linked Helper on in your next step, so determine what audience you want to get a message in front of now.


  1. Search for the keyword or title of the profiles you are interested in messaging. Select “people with this title” if it is a title. If you are doing a keyword search, make sure to use “quotes”:linkedin hacksLinkedin Hack



2. Copy the URL of the search page, and paste it into the Linkedin Search URL’s box in your LinkedHub dashboard:

top linkedin hacks


*Note – although you can stack multiple URLs in any campaign, I don’t recommend doing this. It could duplicate your message to some people. 


3. Create your first message and set it to zero days so it goes out immediately after they accept your connection. You do not want to :

linkedin hack

4. Create one more message for one day later. In this message you will put your link or request. Definitely use the {firstname} and {company1} tags to personalize this message.


5. It will send messages to anyone you are already connected to who fall under the search you are using, so make sure that’s ok with you before you start. If everything looks good, start that puppy up.


STEP 7 – Start auto-collecting, adding and endorsing.

If you installed the extension Linked Helper, you should see the widget in the bottom right of your screen while in any linkedin.com window. If so, paste the same link you are using for the LinkedHub campaign into your browser, hit enter and then go to “1st Tab:” of your Linked Helper widget and turn on:tools for linkedin marketing

  • “Collect second contacts for inviting”
  • “Invite collected 2nd contacts”

In “2nd Tab:”, you will want these tasks on:

  • “Profiles Auto-Visiting”
  • “Collect profiles from search for extraction”
  • “Extract collected profiles”

Let that run for a few hours in an open window.

*Tip: In between your messages (later that day or the next), bring that search up once more, go to the “3rd Tab:” and turn on “Endorse Contacts.” This will just provide your new connections with a notification with your face on it – simple reminder who you are.


STEP 8 – [ONLY for those who are using paid retargeting campaigns to sell a product/service/placement…]

So what do we now know? We know these people have seen your invite, responded or not, have received one or two messages as well as at least one notification from LinkedIn about your interaction with their profile. Maybe they have responded, maybe not. But, if you are using this strategy to sell something very specific, you may want to continue this into email.

You will notice we have been compiling a .csv list of the data of these profiles you are now connected to in Linked Helper. This export will provide you with every connections actual email address – or at least the one they use as their primary email in LinkedIn.extract contacts from linkedin

Your next step will be adding these to your CRM and then uploading them as retargeting lists to your Adwords, Adroll, LinkedIn, Facebook… or other platform you use for retargeting ads.

If you are extremely confident these contacts will want what you are offering, or if you have a special offer for LinkedIn connections only, and you want to assume they are too busy to read LI messages, cold email these connections at your own risk.



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Hope you enjoyed this!



If you have any issues with this, or would like to discuss your marketing strategy, I am available on Clarity.fm.