The New World of Cold Outreach – AUTOMATION, GDPR and LEVERAGING DATA

Here is the screencast of part 1 – being ‘omnipresent’ and ‘human-like’ in your messaging:

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Listen to parts 2 and 3:

Presented by: Alex Glenn at the CMO Data Summit 2018

About me: I’ve spent my career helping companies build and optimize automated systems. My main focus is technology startups so the use cases I will explain in this presentation have been proven in multiple industries and target audiences.

In this discussion, I will go over:

1:1 messaging – being ‘omnipresent’ and human-like:

  1. Keep your audiences specific.
  2. Leverage existing social APIs.
  3. Utilize dynamic text.
  4. Perform your outreach across multiple channels.

What marketers need to know about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR):

  1. Applicable on EU citizens personal data.
  2. Applies to you and your third-party processors.
  3. The fines can be $20M or 2% of worldwide annual rev.
  4. Customers have rights: access, edit, erasure, and transfer.
  5. Redefine the scope and purpose of processing all data.

The cycle of gaining and leveraging data for outreach:

  1. Acquisition
  2. CRM
  3. Cleansing
  4. Action
  5. Analysis

Where does cold email go from here?

  1. Programmatic action on tone and text analysis.
  2. Being able to fully-complete purchases in the body of an email.
  3. Fully-dynamic (Ai-written) text based on average conversation and data set.

Here is the full Cold Outreach presentation from the CMO Data Summit in slide format:


I hope you learned something here.

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