What everyone else has/uses in their cold emails:

  • Company name
  • Company industry
  • Prospect name
  • Prospect title
  • Prospect department
  • Prospect seniority


What you should be getting to differentiate your cold messaging:

  • Linkedin personal and company profile URLs (used for LI messaging)
  • Linkedin company profile URL
  • Company size (employee count)
  • Why you have their email (i.e. I see you are using Quickbooks… we integrate with…”)
  • Prospect gender (in not targeting in a language where gender impacts the grammar)


How you can implement those unique fields in an email:

The ok tools will allow you to insert basic static placeholders (first/last name, company name…) which are used for some minor personalization. The good tools will allow you to create custom placeholders out of column titles in your data you enriched manually. And very very best cold emailing tools will let you use IF-this-THEN-that placeholders so you can customize one email to multiple departments/genders/titles… in your list of prospects… which makes the email appear more handwritten.



I saw your profile on LinkedIn and wanted to reach out. {{#if (isEmpty personalNotes)}}{{#if (eq

department ‘General Management’) }}First off, congratulations for the continued success of

{{ companyId.fullName }}.{{else if (eq department ‘Business Development’) }}Nice to acquaint

myself to a fellow salesperson.{{else}}Nice to e-meet you.{{/if}} {{else}}{{ personalNotes }}{{/if}}



Make sure to take the extra effort to screen them. As in, make absolutely sure they are a fit for your product/service. It is not enough to gather a list of all CMO’s in the ____ industry at companies between 11 – 50 employees. You have to check the websites and LinkedIn profiles for those contacts to filter out who you know will not be right for you. The reason this is so crucial is not just wasted time/effort/money, but sending emails to the wrong people will also increase complaint rates and reduce open rates which could prevent you from emailing anyone from your domain in the future.


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