This is one of the reasons I started – to help “citizen automator’s” discover what works and how to choose and use the tools of today to get what you need done for the benefit of your customers’ experience 🙂

The REAL reason the tools you are referring to are expensive is either/and:

  1. A business model focused on enterprise customers – meaning, they use the inflated margins not on product enhancements, but on customer support, sales, and servers. This also means these tools are NOT inherently better than the less expensive counterparts.
  2. They’re bootstrapped – Instead of raising money to fund growth, they’re actually charging customers and trying to grow quickly using that revenue.
  3. They can – this is not the answer you want, but it’s true. And, is one of the reasons platforms like Intercom are higher in price.

But, rest assured the market is becoming more and more democratized.


Enterprise Marketing Automation Tools Price Comparison

Here is a list of great tools by function for each purpose: – Starting at $79/mo – B2B focused, and sort of like Intercom and Autopilot combined. They are working through some startup kinks, but they offer some incredible value for the money.

AgileCRM – Starting at $14.99/mo – Marketing automation and CRM combined. One of the most robust tools available – it can even assist with cold emailing.

Copper CRM – Starting at $19/mo – If you need the capabilities of a robust CRM without the bloat, and use G-Mail, this is the tool for you.

Check out this video on a stack you may appreciate for its affordability:

* Caution: Be wary of the ‘free’ for startups offers from notoriously-upstream saas.

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