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It’s Q4, and CPC, CPA, CPI… All the costs for serving your ads have increased, (especially on Adwords). Why? Even though there are more eyeballs active on social and search in Q4, you are now competing against more publishers with deeper pockets and higher bids.

For example, this chart shows the increase in advertisers and total ad spend on Instagram from Q3 through the end of Q4:

Now, Instagram is particularly useful for selling products, and we all know what happens in Q4 for product sales… ?

But what about Adwords costs? This can be just as bad. Search volume goes up, bids on product-related keywords goes up, and you are left with an avg increase in your cost per click of around 22%!

So what do I suggest you do about it?

If you are not selling a physical product which can be a Christmas gift (i.e. your sales on that product or service remain relatively flat through Q4), OR, if you do not have the budget to compete against these retailers and product brands…. I suggest the following:

Move your IG/FB/Adwords budget (or the bulk of it) to Pinterest and Amazon PPC immediately.

Why? Because both Pinterest Rich Pin Ads and Amazon PPC share one highly-valuable trait… They are both annuities. Or at least, for a period of time. “Annuities” may be a strong word, but what I’m trying to say is these ad types will show returns long after you stop spending on the campaign. This is unique to Amazon PPC and Pinterest Ads.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest ads are amazing for products and services targeting women especially, but also for men in any of the industries where the product/service has a strong visual component.

For our purposes, we promote ‘pins’ (essentially taller ads) on Pinterest because:

  1. They generate engagement (save, repin, click, comment) which increases the value of the pin and therefore allows it rank organically in the Pinterest search.
  2. The engagement also pushes the pin to the top of the feed for people interested in the keywords you’ve added to the pin in the campaign setup phase (see screenshot below).
  3. The link you add to each pin/ad is a “do-follow link”. Dofollow links allow google (all search engines) to follow them and reach our website. Giving us link juice and a backlink.

So, use Pinterest to stretch you ad budget during Q4 into Q1 of the following year by promoting your best products/services as ads, then letting them continue to drive traffic after the campaign is complete.

For a detailed strategy on leasing Pinterest boards (another way to re-allocate that ad spend in Q4), check out this detailed tutorial >>>

Now, Amazon PPC

Amazon PPC, also known as Sponsored Products, is one of Amazon’s advertising platform for sellers to help increase revenue. Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday are creeping up it’s time to consider shifting Adwords budget to Amazon PPC. Why?

Well here are 3 killer reasons:

  1. Sales attribution: Amazon tells you exactly which keywords produced sales which is huge. This allows you to calculate your ROI on ads instantly. It’s more complicated setting up that type of attribution with Adwords.
  2. Organic Footprint: When you make a sale for a keyword with Amazon PPC that conversion helps boost organic visibility for that keyword and other long tail keywords in the search results. Also, having a strong sales history on Amazon is key to maintaining rank and sales.
  3. User Intent: Since Amazon is a shopping platform the conversions for product ads are way higher than Google because Google is an information search engine.

Also, here’s a youtube video showing several ad placements:

If you are interested in diverting ad spend to Amazon, and need help, my friend Sean Smith is the CEO and Founder of Jungle Hustle. He manages Amazon PPC for 7 and 8 figure brands. He also founded PPC Agility, an Amazon PPC automation software. If you have questions about Amazon PPC send a message to

Also, here are some great tools to help you optimize Amazon PPC:

Amazon PPC automation software –
PPC Agility:

Amazon Marketing Services analytics software –
AMS Radar:

Amazon PPC analytics software –
PPC Scope:

Amazon Keyword Research Tools –
Merchant Words:
Keyword Inspector:

Amazon launch services –
Viral Launch:

Amazon A/B testing software –

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