Managed Lead Gathering, Data Enrichment & Nurturing Campaign

This managed lead generation campaign is so effective is because we are able to get at least 5 brand impressions in front of key prospects. This approach builds curiosity in your service and entices an appointment request. The agencies selling this service today charge an average of $3,000, and require a minimum contract term of 6-months. We can create and execute a targeted campaign to 1000 of your perfect prospects in 5 weeks for half the cost. The success of this campaign relies on the type of message sent on each channel at a particular time. We have tested dozens of variations of each sequence on hundreds of audiences so we know what works and what does not.

Unlike PPC management, in this strategy, Alex and Right 2 Revenue will become a temporary extension of your prospecting team. This requires a lot of trust in our ability to execute without tarnishing the brand. We will solidify this trust early on with a lot of communication and approval procedures before
anything is launched.

Week 1:  Setup and Scraping

  1. Start Gathering Data – Provide Alex with the criteria you are after so he can start building a list of names/companies/emails/linkedin URLs/phone numbers.
  2. Connect Linkedin profile to auto-connect tool.
  3. Approve or edit connection request message sequence.
  4. Deploy connection request bot.

Our scraping team is trained and has the tools needed to match your criteria, find direct phone numbers, and verify emails on the server-side. We will have the best possible data with this scrape, and since we have their Linkedin profiles, we will be able to serve each at least one or two brand impressions before we email or call them.

Week 2: CRM Retargeting

  1. Add scraped data to auto-sequence.
  2. Upload scraped data do CRM.
  3. Create retargeting audiences in Linkedin using scraped data.
  4. Add Linkedin pixel to the site, and setup conversion goals.
  5. Design retargeting ads.
  6. Deploy retargeting campaigns.

The main purpose of CRM retargeting is to serve brand impressions and educate your list on what exactly it is you do. The last thing you want to do is cold email or cold call prospects who have zero idea who you are and what your company does.

Week 3: Cold Emailing

  1. Approve cold email sequence.
  2. Load copy to CRM.
  3. Split contacts into groups of 200.
  4. Send spam/DKIM/SPF records test email.
  5. Fix any SPF issues.
  6. Send first group at 6:30AM.
  7. Send second group at 2:30PM.
  8. Compare results and continue with optimal time.

It’s very important you do not start cold email sequences too early. You want it to be as warm as possible, which is why we serve LinkedIn profile impressions and ads to these people first. It’s also important you use a correctly timed sequence with if/then rules so that you make sure not to bother those uninterested, and you keep inboxing. We limit to 200/day so we do not get too many spam complaints in one day and register on spam filters. 

Week 5: Cold Calling

  1. Starting with those who have replied to your Linkedin messages with interest.
  2. Then, call those who have opened/replied your email campaign.
  3. Finally, anyone who has not opened your emails or replied favorably to your Linkedin messages.
  4. As soon as the call is done, and the conversation had, trigger the appropriate sequence – one if they are not interested at this time, and another if they are and have requested more ingor or a proposal.  

The process is created to make these calls much ‘warmer’, but you will want to make sure your SDR’s or AE’s understand the brand impressions each contact has been served prior to these calls – i.e. “We are connected on Linkedin…” or “I sent the details to your ___@___ email…”.

The Numbers To Expect

20% response rate to your automated Linkedin messages.
10% of those should result in an appointment.
25% open rate of our cold emails.
7%-15% click rate of the link in the email.
5%-10% of those clicks convert to an appointment.
For cold calls, with good SDR’s, expect to get on the phone with 10% of contacts.
Of those 10%, expect 30% to schedule a call.

**Conversion of appointment to proposal request and close rates on proposal requests are numbers you have for your team and can apply to these estimates.

Deliverables & Guarantees

This is what I can ensure:

  1. Calls twice weekly to set strategy and action items.
  2. Daily oversight and optimization.
  3. Tests run on all copy and creatives through other accounts prior to your campaign.
  4. Server-side verified emails.
  5. The safest cold emailing processes including all verification and safe inboxing procedures.
  6. Q/A over Slack or email during business hours throughout the entire campaign.


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