Managed Thought Leader-Creation Program

Why Is This Necessary?

Our clients are busy. And, they are not interested in using a ghostwriter for anything published under their name. They are in fact thought-leaders in their specific industry, but they are building a company so they do not have the time necessary to brand themselves as such. This is why the program below is necessary…

The Goal

The goal of this program is to take a very minimal number of hours from you (less than 3 hours per week), and from that time, create a high-volume of impressions on content you have provided the words for (we merely edit your words) by editing it to suit specific sites and then promote it so your personal brand is visible therefore showing thought leadership on a given topic.

The Offer

…is to show you are a thought leader using as little of your time as possible (1 hour at the beginning of the week to record, and 1 hour at the end to publish). You provide us with this minimal time, and we a small amount of your time into a whole lot of exposure for you. Because as you know, your clients buy you just as much as they buy your services.

Who is this for?

This program is suitable for anyone with a service or product-offer in an industry where the founders’ credibility carries a ton of weight in decisions whether to buy what they are selling. Example industries ideal for this program include:

Consultants in any industry, Financial advisors, SaaS Founders, Recruiters, Physicians, Book authors, Fund managers

What’s included?

For each hour you give us at the beginning of the week, we give back include 9 pieces of content each week. For each hour we spend recording, we create and deliver:

2 edited podcast episodes on your dedicated channel.

2 screencast videos of the same session.

2 transcripts of the recording.

2+ quora answers based on this transcripts.

1 full article based on the set of recordings for your blog with meta title, description and H1/2/3 tags based on related keywords for SEO.

+All of the above delivered in one google doc formatted and ready for you to simply copy/paste to the three platforms.

+The upvoting and liking necessary to lift this content and keep it to the top.



Step 1
Analyze the industry to discover where your potential clients are discussing you the most.

Step 2
Prioritize questions to answer and spend an hour a week answering them in audio format. Edit the new content into multiple forms using our format experts.

Step 3
Receive a document weekly with all of your new properly-formatted content and specific instruction as to when/where to publish.

Step 4
Receive engagement on this new content in multiple levels at specific times to ensure your brand highly-visible.

What’s not included?

Some agencies will offer to login to your accounts and publish for you. We are more in-tune with the protocols and algorithms of the platforms we are working with so we don’t take chances with our clients’ logins.

*We do not login to your account and publish for you.

*Instead, we provide detailed instruction for when/how to publish.

What is required of you?

This program is meant to turn the absolute minimal effort from you into maximum exposure. Therefore, we only require:

*2.5 hours a week of your time –

*1 hour to record answers,

*1 hour to review our deliveries.

*Half an hour to publish them from your account.

We only offer this to 3 individuals / month.

We wish we could run this program for all of our clients and friends, but it’s very personal and time-consuming so we limit it to 3 profiles/month. To be a part of our program next month, leave you details below and we will review to let you know if we have the bandwidth:



Per Week
  • Transcribing
  • __ Unique Article
  • __ Quora Answers
  • __ LinkedIn Article
  • Engagement
  • Publishing

*Depending on the length and number of sections to our recording, we may be able to churn out more than 2 Quora answers. But this package contains two per week at minimum.

*We do not take the risk of logging into our clients accounts to publish for them (IP address issues). So, you do have to copy/paste the finished work into your accounts each week.

To get started, let us know who you are and we’ll reply shortly:

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  • “Alex grasps your market and your value proposition all while keeping a pulse on the daily changes of options for your software stack. The best part about Alex is the experience, he’s tried different approaches and software and will save you the time of going down the hard road. Bottom-line: the best Chicago Growth-Hackers I’ve met yet.”Darren McAbery,
    Head of Marketing at Inspire Marketing Services
  • “Alex knows the tactics that it takes to execute to get growth. He’s got a good sense for the latest trends in growth and user acquisition as well as paid acquisition across different channels. He understands the marketing landscape and all the changes that companies need to make to grow their audiences.” Andy O’Dower, Head of Product for
  • “Alicia was already going above and beyond as an operations manager when we asked her to step in as a creative resource manager. And managing the schedules of 10+ people with tight deadlines is a lot to ask. Alicia has done an amazing job.”Cory Kammer, President, Creative Director at The WitchBorn Corporation

The R2R Team

The team responsible for your thought-leadership program.

Alex Glenn
Growth Principal
About Alex
“I’ve been working with founders and product teams to create and execute fully-automated user acquisition and demand-generation systems for years. I help you successfully navigate the ever-changing online landscape.”

Eric Dinkins
Content and Traffic Strategist
About Eric
“I know how to write and design content for print and digital use. I also know how to edit, optimize, and promote evergreen content to generate a long-term stream of targeted traffic to your site.”

Minh Nguyen
Copy and Conversion Specialist
About Minh
“I worked with one of the top copywriting agencies in the world ( Now I am using my B2B copywriting skills to help you increase clicks, conversions, and ultimately sales.”

Stephanie Akers
Customer Success
About Steph
“I help you reach more people with your campaigns.”

Prem Anandh
Graphic Design & UI
About Prem
“I’ve been designing products and creating web/mobile interfaces for about 6 years. As graphic and UI designer, I specialize in vector graphics, explainer videos and HTML5 animations.”

Sharjeel Mehmood
Lead Gen and Enrichment
About Sharjeel
“I specialize in lead generation campaigns, launching new products or services, and acquiring new customers.”