Marketing Operations Tools and Templates

Suggested tools & Templates

+ Here are my favorite ways to keep my marketing operations upright and in check:

+ I have used this marketing strategy template to begin operations on a new agenda. 

+ Although it may be out of your scope of duties, I love this template for organizing startup sales teams.

+ There are a lot of tools out there to ensure your emails are clean (active/inboxing). But I use’s form integration for confirming emails right as they fill out the email field on my sites.

+ As for the most crucial, marketing analytics, I suggest adding Quantcast to your site to gain incredible details about your audience’s behaviors (off your site). 

+ Before you release any inbound links (off of paid networks), consider using It will allow you to generate custom audiences in your Facebook/Adwords/Twitter/LinkedIn dashboards from users who click the link. Great for press releases and other backlinks.

+ Tracking growth hypothesis (experiments) was always a challenge. The product has there funnel/page/screen variants, marketing has their ad variants… It’s always difficult to keep tabs on what is and is not working, when… until now. I use on top of to keep my projects and hypothesis consolidated in a kanban-style tracking board.

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