Success in new markets requires a great strategy and the right setup…

Introducing the new market launch and sales stack setup program from Automated! We are excited to help 5 new companies set up for success in 2019. Push play to learn more:


  • What is this?

    Our goal is to create and execute a marketing/sales strategy for you and your product to gain market share here in the US. The program is set up in three phases with key deliverables in each phase.


    In the last 12 months, we have helped several SaaS companies from outside the US form and execute comprehensive growth and product strategy, using the latest tactics, tools and new channels, to gain market share here in the US.

    In the next 12 months, we are able to help 5 SaaS companies over 3 months create a substantial strategy for gaining market share here in the US.

  • Phase 1 - Planning, 20 hours

    We start with an in-depth analysis of your product, target personas, your current stack, sales/marketing processes, the customer journey and of course your goals. Mainly focusing on where opportunities exist, what processes are not optimized and what is missing with the stack. Then we will return to you these deliverables:

    1. A complete picture of customer persona’s including where and how to reach them.
    2. A detailed user journey map/flow with all touchpoints and status/pipeline stages.
    3. A strategy to launch a new acquisition channel or a new approach to an existing channel to speed growth.
    4. Our final recommended sales/marketing stack.

  • Phase 2 - Setup, 25 hours

    After we have an agenda, know what needs to be changed or added, we can get started on implementation. What we typically find is most teams either (a) are using the wrong tools for their sales/marketing needs, or (b) are not using what they have to their full potential because they don’t have the time/knowledge to add automations, sequences, new triggers, lists etc… to optimize their stack. During this phase, we will:

    1. Prioritize and start building out your new stack.
    2. Add new sequences and copy to achieve more with the stack.
    3. Connect data automations via API where necessary.
    4. And look to add native integrations from within your product (using a white-labeled partner) to help reach new audiences.

  • Phase 3 - ABM Campaign Setup, 30 hours

    We will complete all setup work of the stack still remaining (if any) and then get started on the creation of our user acquisition and lead nurturing campaigns. Depending on our strategy, and your product or resources, this can take a variety of forms. But we focus on ABM – account-based marketing strategy where we pick out a key persona to target, gather a list of perfect individuals who meet those criteria and approach them in a variety of ways with multiple touchpoints.

    1. Data enrichment (2000 contacts included).
    2. Adding the audiences to your dashboards.
    3. Copywriting all messaging needed for each campaign.
    4. Any verification – pixels, SPF records, etc…
    5. Launching the campaigns. 
    6. One round of A/B testing and optimization (two weeks).

Specialized Guidance

We have built dozens of systems and created hundreds of campaigns across almost every channel. Our core team is deep, but we work with specialists in every tool, medium and vertical to ensure your program receives specialized attention.

Detailed Visual Diagrams To Keep

Each flow and diagram we create around user journeys, data flow, retargeting etc… is yours to keep in a high-resolution format so you can refer to it and build on it at will.

Project Management & Communication

We have built our own app allowing us to deploy and notify task owners inside of Slack.And, we can load up your favorite kanban PM tool with tasks prior to launch. And, we will update you constantly in any medium (Slack, email, Skype…).

Learn and Collaborate With Experts

In this program, you will not only receive the attention and the deliverables promised, but you and your team will also learn how we work think and execute so you can take those learnings with you.

Automating As Much As Possible

We will help you automate as many tasks/processes as possible so you can give your team more bandwidth to focus on the product and current customers.

Right To Cancel

If you are unhappy with the working relationship after the first 14-days, you may cancel without further obligation and we will refund you any unused hours.

  • Alex has a deep understanding of the MarTech SaaS landscape, GDPR, and iPaaS solutions. He has been pivotal in defining our strategy for the US market. Alex provided key introductions, and I love his direct and result-driven approach!
    CEO of Blendr
  • “Mark and Yellow O are our go-to Marketing Automation experts.”
    CMO at Beam Wallet
  • “Alex is very knowledgeable about app marketing strategies. He has a solid understanding analytics attribution and event tracking for saas. Just recently I consulted Alex on some event-based messaging for apps to further our strategy. I would definitely recommend Alex to anyone that is looking to improved their business, whether saas or app, to help solidify their growth strategy.”
    Marek Dzik
    Mobile Product Manager
  • “I've known Alex for over 10 years now. We've launched brands together, and worked alongside each other in scaling B2B businesses. Alex has a ton of energy and a passion for creative problem-solving. I call Alex whenever I have a tough decision to make, be it related to marketing or a general business issue. He always has the answer.”
    Matthew Everett
    CEO of Spirit Wear

Space is limited, so book a calendar spot so we can discuss whether this is right for you.

Due to the amount of focus this program requires, we are only able to work with 5 companies in Q1 of 2019. So we can make sure each participant gets our the attention we promise.