Pinterest Board Leasing Traffic Growth Tactic [PDF]

Pinterest Strategy

…I have used this during numerous site launches as a means to quickly build targeted links that will generate immediate traffic which can build over time… 

Since it was new to him, I thought I’d share this strategy with you all today: 

Pinterest Link Building Strategy 

The initial value for click-throughs is great, but what you also gain with Pinterest is SEO – pin links are do-follow, meaning they are a part of your backlink profile and will help you increase rankings of pages they are linked to (so long as those links are from pins/boards in your industry). 

  1. Find some of the largest and most active tech boards and reach out to the owners with a request to collaborate:
  2. Go to each board, look for a link to the admins’ site, and find the admins’ contact info on their site.
  3. If there is no contact on the site, use the contact form and go to LinkedIn – use to grab their email from LinkedIn.
  4. The message you want to send them is something along the lines of – “I love your Pinterest boards, and I’d like to contribute. I assume this comes at a cost, but let me know what we can do together. I have great content…”
  5. If they do not publish their website, name, or any contact methods from their Pinterest board, you will have to get tricky and actually comment on one of the pins, tagging the admin in that comment with your contact info.
  6. When you have a willing participant, negotiate a rate per pin or per week.
  7. Here’s an article all about the SEO value of Pinterest.

The value ranges per industry, following, and engagement. Just like buying media or emails, engagement is what you’re after. I’ve paid anywhere from $200/mo for 2 pins/day on a board with 700K followers, to $500/mo for 1 pin a day on a board with 250K followers. It all depends.

This is a part of a full strategy on digital product launches (info products, courses, Chrome extensions, plugins, website themes…).

To read that strategy, click here >>> 

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