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The Complete Digital Package

Cost: $2500

Completion: 14 days

Necessary before we begin: $1250 deposit, company name, industry, target audience, principals, social site admin info, page titles, images, videos, text… all website content.

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The website program we use is a little tricky to set up, but the easiest for anyone to manage/edit in the future. We meta tag, title,and describe all your pages/pics so the search engines can recognize/place you as soon as possible. During the consultations, we will show you how to edit this content, upload more, and manage your blog so that you can increase your search relevancy and eventually, your rankings. The site will automatically syndicate your uploaded content to the social networks we set up for you so posting is as simple as adding a blog or photo to your site.

our business cards will look incredible. They are thick stock with a classy matte finish. If you choose to print a sign or any commercial products, we will give you our industry rate on all your future jobs.

The email accounts will be active as soon as the business cards arrive so you are ready to start promotions.

his package also includes a vanity number so that you know when someone is calling your business line or personal before you answer.

Before you start promoting your new brand, you need a website and social accounts. When you meet these customers in person, you need business cards. We want to help our clients by painting them in the most credible light, whether you will become a Fortune 500 company or not, you will appear as one. That’s our goal. This package includes:

Complete website

With easily  manageable back-end

Auto-syndication to social sites


Meta tags, titles, and descriptions for each page, photo and video entered.

5 Email accounts

Includes hosting

Business card design/print

Simple, but elegant design

250 high quality cards delivered to your door

Print-ready graphics

High-res CMYK files for your print jobs, and RGB files for your web files.

Industry rates on commercial print or signage

Get our rates on all your large-scale print jobs including signs, banners, and window coverings.

Vanity Number

We will find phone number easy for your customers to remember, and register it in your name.

This has no monthly cost, and all voice mails will be saved to your email.


Unlimited space

Lightening speed

3 hours of free consultations 

You will have 3 hours of phone time with your new vendors – print, web, branding.

Plus everything in the branding package:

Logo /  Icon

Print and web-ready

EPS / PDF/ PNG files

Favricon included

Brand / Slogan 

Your brand is everything beyond just the logo – colors, icon, slogan, variations.

One sentence or phrase to describe your company’s mission, objective, and place in the industry.

3 URL’s (all dot com’s) 

Twitter account

Twitter handle, company description, icon, and first 25 followers.

Also coaching on how to gain more who also follow the leaders in your industry.

Facebook page 

Your facebook business page set up with your info, logo, and cover photo.

Already linked to your website and twitter account for auto-syndication.

Social Boost

25,000 Twitter followers

1,500 Facebook likes

By: Alex Glenn


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