Quick Metadata Edit Process to Increase Traffic Overnight

Here is an easy/cheap process which can increase site traffic almost overnight

It simply requires a copywriter (or someone who knows what makes a good meta title/description), Googles Search Console, Google Sheets (or Excel), and the internet… Here are the steps:

  1. Log into Webmaster Tools
  2. Head to the search analytics section: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/search-analytics
  3. Check the boxes for Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and Position
  4. Click the radio button for “Pages”
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the list and open the drop-down to 100 rows
  6. Now look to the left of the bottom of the page to the “Download” button, then click that
  7. Open up your Google Docs account, then upload the .csv you just downloaded
  8. View it as a Google Sheet (center above the current view)
  9. Now, highlight the sheet and ‘Sort by’ column header ‘Impressions’ Z-A
  10. Then look top-to-bottom in the CTR column and look for CTR’s below the average (or, start with anything less than 1.5%)
  11. Highlight the CTR fields under that average in a new color
  12. Add column headers for “Current Meta Title”, “Current Meta Description”, “Current Avg Time On Site (organic traffic)”, “New Meta Title”, “New Meta Description” and then “New CTR
  13. Put a date in the current CTR column so you remember when that was the case
  14. Now, copy all of the URLs in the URL column.
  15. Click on this link: http://tools.buzzstream.com/meta-tag-extractor
  16. Paste those URLs into the box on the left and start the metadata scrape
  17. Give it 30 seconds and then head to the bottom left of the page and export the results as a .csv
  18. Open the .csv and sort them alphabetically
  19. Then, go back to your Google sheet with the search console data export and sort that alphabetically
  20. Now, copy the columns for title and descriptions from the current metadata export .csv
  21. Paste those into the Google sheet columns (double check whether they match up)
  22. Send this sheet off to your copywriter (or contact me) to get new meta titles/descriptions written for those with the lowest CTRs first.
  23. The strategy for the new metadata is more actionable and providing clear value props in the copy.
  24. Resubmit those URLs to Google indexing via Search Console.
  25. Run those for a week and check both CTR from search and Avg Time on Site from search traffic. If both are lifted, you stick with the new metadata. If not, revert back or try another round of copy.

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