Here Is What You Need To Know To Market On Quora

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Quora FAQs

Are links in Quora answers nofollow? 
Yes, Quora links are marked as “nofollow” which means they don’t pass any “link juice” to your site.
Then why would I post on Quora? 
Quora answers rank everywhere – for specific long-tail keywords (questions). Therefore, if you answered a question that is ranking, your answer could be seen by those searching for that term. Further, if the reader finds your answer valuable, they are likely to click your CTA link to learn more.

How I Use Quora For Growth Marketing

Quora Traffic & Influencers

  1. Start gathering all of the top Quora and Reddit threads on app development for beginners into a .csv (I have a VA that does this for me now). Use the Quora Chrome extension to help speed this up.
  2. If you are short on time, hire a virtual assistant. Have him/her build out a spreadsheet with all relevant question inks (sorted by most traffic to fewest), including who answered them, and links to their profiles on Quora.
  3. Start answering Quora Q’s – If you’re too busy, find a good tech writer and pay them $30 an answer (minimum 400 characters, one image and one link) – add to a google doc,
  4. When you launch, go back to each of those Quora answers and add the CTA and link to your course.
  5. Now, reach out to others who have answered those questions with your affiliate offer – to incorporate your product link into their answers as well for a fee per link.

Quora video marketing

Quora Video

Quora recently launched video answers on mobile. This presents an opportunity for anyone comfortable recording their screen or themselves to answer the question.

Like any other platform, video’s are favored by Quora’s users. Therefore, it has a higher likelihood of being upvotes and therefore stays to the top of the answer pile (i.e. more views, traffic).

A few things to know: 

  1. The videos are only able to be loaded from the app, not on a desktop (at the time this was written).
  2. Be careful recording on a desktop or in high-res, then emailing it to yourself so you can save it to your phone then upload from your phone because the quality will take a dive.
  3. Make sure the video gives value. Do not simply record a video of yourself introducing the topic and referring back to the text answer. The reason people chose your answer is that they preferred to watch a video instead of reading at that moment.

Here’s how to use for scraping quora:

Credit: Ruslan Nazarenko!

Step 1: Go to the site.

Step 2: Install extension.

Step 3: Go to Quora and put some KWs to the search.quora marketing

Step 4: Open Data Miner and let the magic happens.

Step 5: Choose New Recipe -> List Page ->

Step 6: Tab Rows. Find -> QueryResult

Step 7: Tab Cols. Extract URL -> selector .question_link

Step 8: Tab Cols. Extract Text -> selector .title

Step 9: Tab Cols. Extract Text -> selector .count

Step 10: Scroll a page down as much as you need (or use
Nav tab at Data Miner)

Step 11: Run the script


When and how to use Quora ads:


Quora ads are still new, so there are not a lot of options. You cannot add images or video (but those are on their way), and you are highly-restricted on the text formatting. No ALL CAPS, no ending the headline or description in anything other than a period… basically no emotion what so ever.Quora ads best practices

Despite these restrictions, in my experience, Quora ads provide some of the most targeted intent traffic outside of search ads. But unlike search ads, these are still really cheap! Here are some best practices if you’re interested in testing Quora ads:


  1. First, find the discussion topics that your product/service would be relevant to. To do this, head to Quora, type in the search box whatever keyword you would want to show up around, and see what discussion topics start auto-populating underneath. Then, right those topic names down. Remember, it’s not as straight-forward as SEM or even social ads. You have to find “discussions” that match
  2. Quora ads best practicesNext, develop a solid piece of content to address those topics. This can be an ebook, video tutorial, webinar… whatever. It just needs to be accessible virtually, free and live on your site. Do not drive traffic to a landing page selling something. This will not work on Quora. Your goal at this point in the funnel is to continue the education process on your site, not ask for money. Quora Marketing Tips
  3. Use a leading CTA. By “leading,” I mean to continue the conversation from the question where this ad will sit below (or attempt to). See the ad above for an example – “Considering ____? Learn how ___ does ___ in this ebook…. free download.”
  4. Finally, make sure to use proper grammar. If you try and use incomplete sentences, especially in the headline, your ad will get rejected:


How to follow all people and topics with one click:


Credit: Amol Upraity

cript to follow all topics:

Open your friend’s profile followed by topic section.

First of all, load the full list of topics. Now again you don’t want to go all the way down by scrolling. Lazy stuff. Wait I have JS code for you.

  1. setInterval(function(){ $(window).scrollTop($(document).height()); },
  2. 1000);

After executing above script wait for sometime until it loads full page.

Now next step is to select all <a> links. It can be done using following script:

var all_tags = document.getElementsByTagName("a");

Now it is the time to rock n roll, by executing following script you can automatically follow all the topics in fraction of seconds 🙂

  1. for(var i=0, len=all_tags.length ; i<len ; ++i) {
  2. var tag = all_tags[i];
  3. if( tag.getAttribute(“action_click”) && tag.getAttribute(“action_click”) == “TopicFollow” ) {
  5. }
  6. }

Script to like/follow all quora users

Script to Unfollow all topics(from the list of topics in current page):

Repeat the same process till last step where you had to rock n roll :P.

Again we are gonna rock n roll but this time in different manner 😀

  1. for(var i = 0; len = all_tags.length, i < len; ++i){
  2. var tag = all_tags[i];
  3. if(tag.getAttribute(“action_click”) && tag.getAttribute(“action_click”) == “TopicUnfollow”){
  5. }
  6. }

Script to like/follow all quora users

Script to Unfollow all users:

Open your profile followed all followings users. Again first two portions of above script will let you select all <a> link using DOM.

After that execute following script:

  1. for(var i = 0; len = all_tags.length, i < len; ++i){
  2. var tag = all_tags[i];
  3. if(tag.getAttribute(“action_click”) && tag.getAttribute(“action_click”) == “UserUnfollow”){
  5. }
  6. }

Script to like/follow all quora users

Similarly, you can have Script to follow all people from someone’s following or followers list.  Again execute following script for that stuff:

  1. for(var i = 0; len = all_tags.length, i < len; ++i){
  2. var tag = all_tags[i];
  3. if(tag.getAttribute(“action_click”) && tag.getAttribute(“action_click”) == “UserFollow”){
  5. }
  6. }

Script to like/follow all quora users


More strategies using Quora: 

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Thank you for your time and consideration



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