The R2R Team

I have contracted over 200 hours with my team on difficult jobs before extending them an offer to be a part of R2R. These are nimble, intelligent, creative and no-nonsense individuals who get the job done. I made sure of it.

Alex Glenn – Principal Strategist

I run point for the R2R team. I work with the founders and product teams to create and execute user acquisition and demand-generation strategies using social ads, content, SEO, cold emailing, Linkedin marketing, advanced copywriting and numerous tools.


Eric Dinkins– Content Specialist

I know how to write and design content for print and digital use. I also know how to edit content and optimize it for the web so users can find what they’re searching for quickly and efficiently.


Minh Nguyen – Copywriting

I worked with one of the top copywriting agencies in the world (, and now I am working with R2R to further my knowledge. My copywriting is centered around increasing conversions and clicks.


Prem Anandh – Design

I’m a Graphic and User interface designer located in India. I enjoy traveling, cooking and reading. I’ve been designing products, web and mobile interfaces for about 6 years.


Stephanie Akers – Research and CS

Midwest born and raised. Driven and career-oriented. Currently helping R2R clients reach more people with their campaigns.


Sharjeel – Data Enrichment

I specialize in lead generation campaigns, launching new products or services, and acquire new customers. I work with Alex on all data enrichment activities.