Tools and Tactics for Finding and Nurturing Email Contacts [PDF]

Email Tactics

  • To start, read this guide to finding emails…
  • Now, check out this guide on nurturing those emails.
  • The tutorial above explains how to use for scraping. I prefer*If you have a need for a large list, with specific criteria, I have a team of trained scrapers who can help. Contact me by replying to this email with those criteria and list size. 

Now that you have the emails, I suggest the following:


  1. Upload them to your CRM to start tracking web traffic. No CRM, start a free account.
  2. Follow this guide to send them connection requests automatically on Linkedin.
  3. Load them to your Linkedin, adwords or facebook ads account and retarget them with some content ads. 
  4. Before you send any cold emails, test your SPF records for your sender address using a tool like
  5. Finally, after you’ve served the impressions and verified your records are in place, send them the cold email campaign.

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