What’s new with cold emailing?


I’ve been cold-emailing for more than a decade now. There were years when it was easy and low-risk. In the last few years, we’ve seen a renaissance for cold emailing. They are working again and I’m excited to share some of my favorite tactics with you now.

But first… don’t spam. In the U.S. we have the CAN-SPAM act, but internationally there are other regulations that are much more strict. If you are running email campaigns outside the U.S., you will want to check out the local rules. Here is a complete international guide to email spam laws. You will also want to triple-check your records and test sending from Gmail/Outlook vs sending from your email tools’ ESP (usually they sit on top of Sendgrid). I use mail-checker.com to test my records, spam complaints, and the email body itself before every bulk send.

Cold Email Tips

  • After 1000-1500 sends/month you will start setting off spam flags.
  • Use the same subject line in order to keep the follow-up email ‘in-thread’ (increases open rates) – alternate subject lines from the first will put the follow-up in a new thread.
  • Google’s standard font is black, small and san serif – use this format so that your emails appear to be handwritten (in the eyes of the spam filters).

Cold Email Tools?

I’m currently testing and loving: Hubsell.com

  • Ad-hoc ordering of verified emails based on detailed criteria you provide.
  • Integrations with most large CRM’s so you can populate leads based and actions automatically.
  • Create/send sequences with rules.
  • UI is very friendly.

*I am putting together a side-by-side comparison test of the top 4 platforms similar to Hubsell

  1. Hubsell
  2. Growbots
  3. Growlabs
  4. Autoklose

When it’s ready, I will email the results to everyone. 

For those of you too busy to operate cold emailing on your own: BBloom.io

  • Former Linkedin employees operating off their own tools and own Sales Navigator account.
  • They will find and send emails for around $1 per.

Cold Email Tactics?

Here’s a quick visual of a process I use to nurture high-value prospects:

The order of the steps are important. If you choose to follow it, make sure you take into account those who do reply to your initial touch-points (Linkedin messages or ads) so that you do not continue communication with those who are not interested.

As for the email copy, I’ve tested a number of email types on a number of audiences. The rule of thumb has always been the more personalized the email, the better. This is because personalized emails do not look like they are a part of a blast. Using this same logic, I have tested the following email: 

This email has consistently gets 40%+ REPLY rate because:

  1. It appears as though it was sent from the CEOs phone (so it could not be a part of a blast).
  2. It’s very short so very easy to read and answer (high reply rate).
  3. It’s sent from the CEO.

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