The 24/7
Pivotal Marketing Team

The traditional marketing team is no longer what organizations require to stay competitive. There is too much bloat – turnover, insurance costs, training and availability restriction inherent in these typical organizations. This is our answer:

  • Why this type of setup?

    Marketing operations will have around 24% bloat/waste in things like agency margins, training, wasted tests etc…

    To fill the day-to-day requirements of marketing operations at your stage, you will need:

    1. A strategy that fits into your budget.
    2. The operators able to execute.
    3. Designers and writers to create the assets.
    4. Those able to work this strategy with your tools/stack.
    5. Someone to guide and own this system and goals.

    And all of this in a short period of time with a limited budget.

  • Organization

    Your new organizational chart will not look much different than a traditional marketing team.

    However, you will now have 5 individuals trained in all aspects of B2B and ABM, for the price of one senior marketer.

    We will work inside of your PM tools and communication systems (i.e. Asana + Slack).

    You and Alex will create and prioritize the task list is each month/week.

    Alex will allocate resources, track task progress, and keep you informed however you prefer throughout.

  • Costs

    We are setup to replace what would be your marketing manager and agency/contractor spend.

    But, without the margins, and twice as productive.

    So, take your budget for marketing agencies + staff + contractors and multiply by .70.

    Let us know the budget and we’ll work within it.

    We require a minimum of 6 months at a certain burn rate / budget. The budget can increase, but never decrease.

    The team are all on separate hourly rates allocated by Alex based on the strategy and task priorities you set with Alex each month/week/day.

    You will be made aware of the burn and are able to decide to keep pace or speed up.


Specialized Guidance

We have built dozens of systems and created hundreds of campaigns across almost every channel. Our core team is deep, but we work with specialists in every tool, medium and vertical to ensure your program receives specialized attention.

Project Management & Communication

We work within your PM tools and dashboards and provide each of our partners with a clear view of progress through a custom client portal. And, we will update you constantly in any medium (Slack, email, Skype…).

Detailed Visual Diagrams To Keep

Each flow and diagram we create around user journeys, data flow, retargeting etc… is yours to keep in a high-resolution format so you can refer to it and build on it at will.

Automating As Much As Possible

We will help you automate as many tasks/processes as possible so you can give your team more bandwidth to focus on the product and current customers.

24-Hour Availability

Your program managers exist in timezones 8 hours apart so we guarantee availability/support/monitoring 24 hours a day via Slack, Skype, Email etc… So you and your team can rest easy.

Right To Cancel

If you are unhappy with the working relationship after the first 14-days, you may cancel without further obligation and we will refund you any unused hours.

  • Alex has a deep understanding of the MarTech SaaS landscape, GDPR, and iPaaS solutions. He has been pivotal in defining our strategy for the US market. Alex provided key introductions, and I love his direct and result-driven approach!
    CEO of Blendr
  • “Mark and Yellow O are our go-to Marketing Automation experts.”
    CMO at Beam Wallet

We are vendor agnostic and only suggest software providers that are right for your exact requirements.

marketing stack guidance

That’s our pitch. We hope you’re interested!

Now let’s find a time to discuss how we can take your org to the next level.

Due to the amount of focus this program requires, we are only able to work with 3 organizations a Quarter in 2019 to ensure each participant gets the attention we promise.